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The latest project to launch was the site for Gorilla Offroad Company. Aside from their main site, a social media strategy was develop to launch the company into various industry specific automobile enthusist discussion board communities as well as popular social media fronts like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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How to make a phone call via GMail

This falls under the "obvious" category (like probably most of my posts), but as I had trouble finding it before, I figured I'd share this tip. To make a phone call from GMail, with the new Hangouts features, follow these steps:

First, sign into Hangouts. I used to keep my signed out as I used Adium for IM, but I've switched to using Hangouts for all my IM conversations now. (Note, in the screen shot below, I'm using Firefox and an older account of mine which accounts for lack of crap in my inbox ;)

After you sign in, click the Search button:

In the popup, notice it has a phone icon there, that's your first clue. But it may not be obvious how to dial. Just enter a number.

In case you're curious, I used sophisticated NSA-level methods to obfuscate the number in the screen shot. And that's it - just click the number and it will dial. A popup window for a new Hangout will launch and that's it. Obviously you get a dial pad (I use it a lot for Adobe's phone call meeting service) and you can mute yourself as well. You may wan to check the settings to ensure it picks up your mic. My laptop has a mic, but I have an external one as well, and on a recent call it was using the wrong one.

(Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:00:16 GMT)
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NCDevCon 2014 Session-Taming the Legacy Beast: Turning wild old code into a sleek new thoroughbred.

Taming the Legacy Beast: Turning wild old code into a sleek new thoroughbred.

Legacy code. It can be the death of your sanity! A simple bug can take hours or even days to find. You just want to toss the whole code base and rewrite from scratch! But who has that kind of time? And why throw the baby out with the bath water? Your business logic is probably fine, its just the code that needs an overhaul. This session, based on an actual case, offers ideas on how to massage that old embarrassing code into something you can understand, troubleshoot, and even proudly show off. Your will learn about documentation strategies that help you map out the logic, hear suggestions on how to modularize your application, get tips on using testing and frameworks to smooth out the process, and find out about what pitfalls could befall (and have befallen) the process. The most important takeaway though will be that slow and steady wins the race. The session offers a road map on how to tame that legacy beast in manageable steps without being overwhelmed. The majority of the code discussed will center around ColdFusion with some discussion of JavaScript as well. Pull that legacy code out of the past and save your sanity in the process!

About Chris Laning

Chris Laning

A web developer since 1995 and a ColdFusion developer since 1997, Chris has worked with Javascript, MSSQL, XML, XSL, ActionScript, ASP (pre .Net days), Oracle, and Real Media. He began editing audio for websites in 1998 and got into podcasting in 1996. Currently he is a Senior Web Developer for He is also the current producer of the "CFHour" podcast. In his spare time he edits other podcasts and dabbles in voice-over work.He is also a dad, theatre guy, Disney geek, NASCAR fan, and political junkie.

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(Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:00:16 GMT)
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Brackets .42 Released
The Brackets team has announced the release of v0.42 which features themes, language mode switching, lots of little bug fixes, and some new translations.
(Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:00:05 GMT)
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NCDevCon 2014 Session-Hidden Gems in CF 11

Hidden Gems in CF 11

Prepare to be surprised! In this talk, veteran CF troubleshooter and presenter Charlie Arehart will continue his tradition of identifying hidden gems, this time in CF11. Sure, we hear all about the big, new features, or some that wow certain developers, but in every release of CF there are always lots of little things that go unheralded, and this is just as true in CF11 as ever. Some may solve a long-standing problem for you, or provide a new technique, whether related to coding, troubleshooting, administration, enterprise integration, and more.

About Charlie Arehart

Charlie Arehart

A veteran ColdFusion troubleshooter who's worked with CF since 1997 and in enterprise IT for more than three decades, Charlie Arehart (@carehart) is a longtime contributor to the community and has for several years been a recognized Adobe Community Professional, Adobe Forums MVP, ColdFusion Customer Advisory Board member, and more. An independent consultant, he provides short-term, remote, on-demand troubleshooting/tuning assistance for organizations of all sizes and CF experience levels (

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(Fri, 01 Aug 2014 12:00:15 GMT)
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Less CSS, Relative Paths, Nested Quotes, Url() Constructs, And Post-Processing
Ben Nadel looks at an edge case in Less CSS in which relative paths are mangled in the CSS post-processing when used in conjunction with url() constructs....
(Fri, 01 Aug 2014 10:00:13 GMT)
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Don't advertise yourself as a CFML website
Do you know what the first thing I do when I see a website which uses .cfm file extensions is?

I browse to /Application.cfc, then /Application.cfm. Often this will error - if you don't do a proper job of implementing error handling - and will let me know whether you're on ColdFusion or Railo (and it will also reveal which version of CF it is, if you know what to look for).

From there, I browse to either /CFIDE/administrator or /railo-context/admin.cfm. And, very often, I am now sitting at the front door to your admin site. I have correctly guessed a site's password once, but on the whole I don't try. Much.

However from there I also now know there's a coupla exploits I can try, and I can start penetrating your site. But I don't. Because I'm not a prick (in this particular situation, anyhow).

You should never have a .cfm file extension on your site. You should never have anything front-facing which identifies what server technology you are using. You are just inviting hackers if you do.

Use URL rewriting (mod_rewrite, IIS's rewriting module, etc) to use neutral, server-agnostic URLs.

If I can't work out that you're using CFML, then I don't bother trying any further. And this will be the case with other potential hackers too.

Do not advertise that you are using CFML (or, for that matter, PHP, or any other server-side technology).

(Fri, 01 Aug 2014 08:16:31 GMT)
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InDesign Script: create an Indesign book and add documents to book and finally export book to pdf.

  1. Create an InDesign book
  2. add documents to InDesign book - bookContents object to be used
  3.. export book as a pdf


var filein ="/C/prashant/indd/Book3.indb" ; //path for indesign book which needs to be exported as pdf.
var fileout = "/C/prashant/indd/Book2.pdf" ;    //path for the exported pdf
var notesDoc = "/C/prashant/indd/HelloWorld.indd" ;

var mypdf = new File(fileout);  //create pdf file object
var mybook = new File(filein);

//1. Create / Open a book
//if book does not exists then create it
    //create a new book
    var book = app.books.add(mybook);  
    //book exists so we can open it.    
    var book =;  //open book

//2. add documents to book

//3. export book to pdf

//close book without save the book.

(Fri, 01 Aug 2014 06:00:07 GMT)
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Call another InDesign script with doScript in InDesign script
var myFile = new File ('/C/prashant/indd/bookCreateExport.jsx');  
 if (myFile.exists)  
        //Call another script
  app.doScript(myFile ,ScriptLanguage.JAVASCRIPT) 

(Fri, 01 Aug 2014 06:00:07 GMT)
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Presenting ContentBox at the NVCFUG (Virginia)

This August 13th, 2014 at 7pm I will be presenting on ContentBox Modular CMS at the North Virginia ColdFusion User Group. So if you are in the vicinity, drop by for some food, drinks, goodies and some knowledge on ContentBox Modular CMS! We will also transmit it via Connect:

You can find much more information in the User Group page: See you there!

ContentBox is an open source modular content application written in CFML that will provide you with blogs, cms, wiki and more. Built on the solid ColdBox Platform and ColdFusion ORM foundations, ContentBox can be extended using modular architecture instead of conforming to a standard application API. Based fully on conventions, event-driven programming and ColdBox modules, your content can scale and customizations now become trivial. Extend and scale based on industry standards and think outside of the box!

(Thu, 31 Jul 2014 20:00:16 GMT)
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Read Holly's guide to the iOS Status Bar
It's kinda funny - but something as simple as the iOS status bar can be confusing as quantum mechanics. Holly wrote a blog post, and an interactive web-based simulator, that explains the various settings and configurations for the status bar. It is...
(Thu, 31 Jul 2014 16:00:16 GMT)
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