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Project News :.

The latest project to launch was the site for Gorilla Offroad Company. Aside from their main site, a social media strategy was develop to launch the company into various industry specific automobile enthusist discussion board communities as well as popular social media fronts like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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To bring a little life to my site, I've pulled a couple What is RSS Feeds into this page. You can currently choose between the technology related news stories from the following news sources:

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Lightroom Mobile For Beginners Lunchtime Studio
We all take photos all the time, especially using our mobile devices, and over time our photo collections grow, often to be rather unmanageable. Lightroom Mobile provides a quick and easy way to access, manage, and edit all of your images using Creative Cloud. If you are new to Lightroom Mobile, then come join Creative Cloud Learn Interns Julia Grummel and Kathleen Kirker as they teach you beginning steps and pro-tips for organizing, editing, and finalizing your photos on your mobile devices. Lunchtime Studios: Lightroom Mobile for Beginners will take place on July 30th at noon Pacific Time, and will also be streamed live online.
(Thu, 24 Jul 2014 15:59:00 -0400)
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ColdFusion Builder Updated
ColdFusion Builder 3 Update 2 has been released. It addresses a series of issues, as defined in this post. The team has also posted some notes on ColdFusion Builder 3 automatic updates notification and installation options.
(Wed, 23 Jul 2014 23:02:00 -0400)
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PhoneGap Build Now Supports Cordova 3.5.0
Title says it all, the PhoneGap team has announced that PhoneGap Build now supports Cordova 3.5.0.
(Thu, 17 Jul 2014 23:01:00 -0400)
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Introducing Source Han Sans
While on the subject of fonts and TypeKit, today (in partnership with Google) we announced the release of Source Han Sans, a new open source Pan-CJK typeface family that is now available on Typekit for desktop use. Source Han Sans, available in seven weights, is a typeface family which provides full support for Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, all in one font. It also includes Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic glyphs from our popular Source Sans family. All told, each font weight in the family has a total of 65,535 glyphs (the maximum supported in the OpenType format), and the entire family rounds out at just under half a million total glyphs.
(Tue, 15 Jul 2014 18:31:00 -0400)
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Source Sans 2.0 Released
It's been almost two years since we announced Source Sans Pro, our first open source type family. And now the team has announced Source Sans 2.0 with Greek and Cyrillic support.
(Mon, 14 Jul 2014 22:23:00 -0400)
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Creative Cloud Market Launched
Today we announced Creative Cloud Market which is available to all paid Creative Cloud members except for Photography Plan customers (Photoshop Photography Plan and Creative Cloud Photography Plan). Creative Cloud members can download up to 500 unique assets each month including PSD, ABR, TPL, JPEG and PNG files. This powerful new service allows you to seamlessly find templates and objects to build upon, manipulate, and modify to jumpstart your creative process. Evangelist Paul Trani introduces Creative Cloud Market in this video:
(Wed, 09 Jul 2014 16:41:00 -0400)
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Apply For A ConnectED Donation
Adobe has committed over $300 million in software and professional development services to the White House's ConnectED initiative. As part of this $2 billion+ effort from the private sector, Adobe will deliver creative tools and teacher professional development to schools across the United States - all with the goal of helping youth express their creativity and build their skills for future success.Adobe's donation include creative tools, eLearning tools, and an electronic signature tool. In addition, Adobe is providing a range of teacher training resources from the Adobe Education Exchange and Adobe Youth Voices. You can apply for a ConnectED donation on the Education Exchange ConnectED site.
(Tue, 08 Jul 2014 14:47:00 -0400)
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Create Now 2014 World Tour
The Create Now 2014 World Tour is going on right now, with upcoming events in Milan, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Los Angeles, Sydney, San Francisco, Washington, Seattle, Bangkok, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Auckland. And more venues are being added. This is your chance to get expert tips from Adobe evangelists, network with creative professionals, and learn new timesaving features that make everyday tasks easier and faster.
(Sun, 06 Jul 2014 22:29:00 -0400)
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Brackets .41 Released
Title says it all, Brackets .41 is now available. The biggest enhancements are replace across multiple files and improvements to JavaScript Code Hinting. Here are the full release notes.
(Thu, 26 Jun 2014 22:49:00 -0400)
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Check Out The New Inspire
Inspire Magazine has undergone a serious overhaul, and the newest edition is absolutley beautiful, in addition to being informative and just fun to read. Read it online, or download it for iPad, Android, or Windows 8.1.
(Sun, 22 Jun 2014 22:06:00 -0400)
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Watch The Creative Cloud Launch Event Video
If you missed the excitement of the live Creative Cloud launch earlier this week, fret not, we've posted the videos online for your viewing pleasure.
(Fri, 20 Jun 2014 12:35:00 -0400)
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Creative Cloud Tutorials App
As part of yesterday's big Creative Cloud launch, we published hundreds of tutorials, articles, and even games, to help you better take advantage of all the goodness your Creative Cloud subscription has to offer. And as it can be a pain to be running an app and trying to watch lessons on the same screen, we also publshed the Creative Cloud Tutorials app (initially for iOS, Android is on the way).
(Thu, 19 Jun 2014 09:50:00 -0400)
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Creative Cloud 2014 Launch Roundup
Today we announced a major update to Creative Cloud, including major updates to 14 desktop products, the launch of Ink and Slide hardware and supporting apps, and much more. So what has my team been up to the past half year? As part of the launch we released hundreds of pieces of content to help new and existing users get the most of their Creative Cloud subscription. You can see examples of our content here and here.
(Wed, 18 Jun 2014 17:37:00 -0400)
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MAX Loyalist Deadline Extended
Adobe MAX Loyalist pricing is our best discount and is reserved for previous attendees only. Loyalist pricing was set to expire, but we've extended it through June 30th, so you now have two more weeks to get the best price possible for a full conference pass - $895. To register for MAX Loyalist pricing, sign up using code LYT14.
(Mon, 16 Jun 2014 18:19:00 -0400)
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Flash And AIR 14 Released
That was fast! Just weeks after we announced the betas of Flash Player 14 and AIR 14 Runtime (and SDK), the team has announced that these new runtimes have been released.In addition to bug fixes and security updates, new features include
  • Anisotropic filtering
  • A new Stage3D Standard profile (which supports multiple render targets, floating point textures, and AGAL v2)
  • Intel x86 Android Support
  • iOS packaging improvements
  • AIR Gamepad
Here are more details on Flash Player 14 and AIR 14.
(Thu, 12 Jun 2014 21:17:00 -0400)
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